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The BriteSpace Community: Introducing The Smile Foundation

In 2019 there were approximately 1.71 million single parent families in Canada (Statista). Of these families about 8 in 10 of them are led by women. There is also significant evidence throughout Canada demonstrating that single parent families led by women are more likely to be living in poverty compared to men. This number increases […]

Back to School With a New Look

In some of our previous posts we’ve touched on how Covid-19 has impacted businesses, however, they are not the only ones that have been impacted. Just like their parents, children have suffered a great deal of change due to the pandemic. Overnight, they went from being able to go to school to get an education […]

BriteSpace Tour: Dedicated Desks

Entrepreneurship comes with many challenges, the most common of them being finances. As the economy fluctuates in response to the effects of Covid-19, many business large and small have had to make cut-backs in order to stay afloat. Unfortunately, some have had to suspend operations altogether, unable to retain enough funds to ride the storm. […]

BriteSpace Tour- Virtual Office

As a business owner, it is only natural that one would want to provide their clients and business associates with the highest level of professionalism. However, when running a business from home this can be difficult. As we try to reorganize our lives amid a global pandemic, changes such as having children or even a […]

BriteSpace Tour- Private Offices

A common reason that co-working spaces are sought after by many, is the community work environment that it offers and the opportunity to build relationships as well as make lasting connections with various individuals from other industries. However, as appealing as this aspect is, sometimes some extra privacy is needed in order to really get […]

The BriteSpace Response to Covid-19

As the government announces the gradual re-opening of various sectors of the economy, and the daily number of Covid-19 cases continue to decline, it seems like we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Like we are finally seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel.  But, as we have been reminded over […]

Co-working Spaces in a Post Covid World

Covid-19 hit the world like a storm and with force, paralyzing some of the best healthcare systems in the world, crippling our need for socialization and human interaction with stay-at-home orders and shutting thousands of businesses down temporarily and unfortunately permanently for others. With an end to the pandemic seeming still far away, large companies […]

Co-working Spaces: The Future of Small Business Real Estate

A common question we’ve been asked is “why a co-working space?” There are also a few people that have never heard of the concept but once we explain it to them, they are immediately sold on the idea. Still the answer is this common simple. Co-working spaces are the way of the future when it […]

Reducing the Spread of Illness in the Office

Whenever we think of germs in a public place the first thing that comes to mind is usually the washroom. It makes sense right? You have a bunch of random people using the same facilities day in and day out, of course there would be germs; And there are, but in most cases especially in […]

The Spread of Illness in the Office

Our generation is in the midst of a health scare unlike anything we or even the generation before us has seen. The Covid-19 global pandemic has significantly changed the way we as humans function in our day to day lives. Things that we once took for granted, like forgetting to wash our hands before eating […]

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