5 Tips To Keep Motivation High For You And Your Team

5 Tips To Keep Motivation High For You And Your Team

Keeping the motivation heightened for you and your team is not only crucial to getting your projects done successfully, it’s the key to building a solid business. 

After finding your dream team – a team with stellar backgrounds and your desired expertise – it’s equally important to start sourcing out for ways to get this group of people motivated so they can deliver exceptionally. 

Are you struggling with a lack of motivation?

Don’t worry it’s fixable.

Here are five great tips for you to consider.

1. Recognize And Encourage Their Hard Work

As an employer in an office or shared space, there’s a high tendency you get hooked up with loads of responsibilities and forget to praise or recognize the guys doing the great jobs. 

While this is excusable, you should understand that employee recognition is quite an important factor to keep team spirit and motivation high for your team. 

In fact, a study shows that 70% of employees confessed that their morale and motivation become suddenly high whenever the manager or the CEO recognizes or appreciates their good work.  

If an employee is putting a lot of effort night and day to deliver great and exceptional results for the team’s project, it’s equally important to recognize and commend their efforts. 

And don’t get this wrong, you don’t necessarily need money before you recognize someone’s effort

An excellent piece of advice from Meghan M. Biro reads:

“Money is appropriate much of the time, but it’s not the only or even the most effective. Treat employees as important team members, not as members.”

You can also incorporate employee-recognition programs into your company to ensure you are consistently doing this. 

2. A Pleasant Workplace Can Do The Trick

To consistently gain access to endless inspiration and insights, humans need to surround themselves with a clean and friendly environment that encourages such an atmosphere. 

Your team members need to be in an office environment that is clean and full of inspiration to consistently get motivated to deliver excellently. 

Again, you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of money setting an office, a little bit of inspirational touches here and there should do the trick.

3. Spot On Unhappiness And Fix It Quickly

Attitude in the workplace can be infectious and could utterly increase or decrease the morale and motivation level of any team. 

Once you notice some members of your team aren’t as happy as they used to be, it’s time to walk up to them. 

Ask relevant questions and implement resolute approaches to get the problem fixed before it affects other teammates.

4. Set Clear, Achievable Goals

A study shows that 63% of workers would waste time at work if they aren’t enlightened about the priority of the project at hand or if the task is too burdensome.

As a leader, it’s equally important you understand that a project will drag on and on and appear to be stuck in a rut when the goals aren’t quite clear and achievable.

Seeing the progress of the project makes the employees feel more enthusiastic about the project and as well increase the team spirit while motivating them to run and achieve more. 

So the key here is to set “smart goals” that your team members can run easily with and break them into manageable chunks to boost the team’s motivation and keep them on the right track.

5. Find out what makes your employees tick

While background differences don’t really matter in getting a project done, it’s quite critical to understand the nature and personality of your employees. 

The way you relate with an employee who is a young graduate isn’t the same way you will propose solutions to someone who’s been doing your kind of project for ages. 

Additionally, you don’t relate with an employee who is an introvert the same way you approach extroverts. 

One of the common mistakes I see employers make is trying to force a one-size-fits-all solution on the workforce. 

This sucks greatly and can drain the team’s motivation so quickly. 

Task Us president, Jasper Weir, confirms this by saying: 

“The biggest mistake we see is that one size does not fit all when it comes to management. Some people need more supervision and instruction, others need more independence and trust. A manager’s job is to assess and adapt to each individual”.

To effectively understand what makes your employees tick, you can try this:

  • Set out time – at least 30 minutes – to get to know each team member on a personal level
  • Ensure you’re not asking questions about your career – know what motivates them outside work.
  • Ask relevant questions such as “who is your best friend”, “what lessons did you learn from your parents”, and so on.

Wrapping Up

Remember, a good working environment is critical and second to none in keeping the motivation of your team heightened, you should figure out ways to arrange your workplace to keep the motivation up there. 

At BriteSpace, our shared office space is littered with arrangements that are inspirational and motivational to keep the team aiming at project goals so quickly, feel free to reach out to us if you need help.

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