5 Common Etiquette And Your First Impression In Shared Office Space

5 Common Etiquette And Your First Impression In Shared Office Space

Your first impression in shared office space matters.

Having a good first impression while visiting a coworking space is quite important – so make it count!

Shared space offices have their community standards and principles that inspire the insights and creativity needed to create a good workplace experience for team members. 

Should one team member violate these principles, there could be a riot or unprofessional delivery of the project.

To curb this, the team members need to pay attention to common etiquette and office rules to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable work environment.

Here are five of such etiquette you can consider.

Observe and speak cautiously

A coworking space allows people from different backgrounds, tribes, and cultures to connect in one workspace. 

Most of these people have different cultural do’s and don’ts which may not be suitable to yours. 

So to ensure a good flow of communication, you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or violate someone’s cultural beliefs unconsciously. 

More so, try as much as possible to create a good first impression by ensuring you observe your coworker’s mode of interaction and communication before jumping into a conversation with them. 

If you’re the outspoken genius, try to not speak too much so you don’t “pierce the wrong wall”.

Clean up your trash

Not only will your personality be jeopardized if you don’t maintain a hygienic workspace, you might be embarrassed openly. 

A workspace is expected to be clean and tidy for smooth interaction among coworkers. 

Keeping an untidy environment among many others leaves you with a bad reputation. So ensure to:

  • Clean dishes after eating or put them in the dishwater. 
  • Clean spilled coffee immediately. Use the paper towels or mop to get this done quickly.
  • Throw out leftovers from previous lunches. 
  • Organize your gadgets in a way that it doesn’t get into the way of others.
  • Clean up the workspace after use. Make sure to organize and arrange the items the way you met them or better.
  • Flush the toilet after use. 

Keep a moderate volume

The workspace is expected to be inspirational and peaceful without any obstruction whatsoever. 

Many people in the workspace want to concentrate and brainstorm about some new ideas or strategies and a calm environment is a major key to getting such done. 

You don’t want to interrupt the flow of ideas when someone is about coming up with something that could transform the entire business. 

Instead, you want to keep your volume down as much as you can. 

When speaking to someone over the phone make sure you don’t speak too loud so you don’t offend someone else. 

If the topic you’re discussing is quite interesting, it’s best to step out of the office for a while to avoid disturbing the peace of others. Or better still, you can use the phone booth. 

Know your boundaries

While you want to interact and communicate with coworkers professionally to ensure the success of the project, you don’t want to start breaking the boundary rules. 

Both on the emotional and physical level, it’s essential that you become mindful of other people’s space and respect their privacy. 

For instance, you shouldn’t go through someone’s documents or gadgets without asking their permission. More so, you should adjust to the following: 

  • Don’t distract someone for no reason when they are wearing headphones. 
  • Don’t spread your stuff over the entire table without seeking others permission
  • Don’t use more than your allocated seats.
  • Don’t eat someone else’s beverages or food that you find in the refrigerator. 

Keep a friendly attitude

A workspace is a great place to build lasting relationships with people from different backgrounds who can have a critical role to play in the growth of your business. 

It could also be a way to find networking opportunities that could earn you some high paying job. 

So you want to make sure you create a friendly and cheerful atmosphere that makes it easy for coworkers to interact with you. 

Don’t be too tough and grumpy. Avoid venting out your unpleasant mood on any coworker. 

Make sure to keep your personal affairs really personal to you and don’t unleash a foul mood on anyone else. After all, they are not the problem you’re facing.   

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