Paralegal Services

At BriteSpace Offices, we aim to help remove any added stress of running your day to day operation which allows our members to be fully focused and engaged on the more important aspects of their business. BriteSpace Offices want our members to be successful and help them increase their revenue and grow their business without the increase cost in areas such as staffing and operational needs. This equals more profit for our members!

Paralegal Services

Having access to a firm of professional paralegals is crucial in today’s world of business. With rules and regulations always changing, it’s a must that your business and employees are kept up to speed and protected. At BriteSpace offices our knowledgable firm of Paralegals are always available to assist our members and provide legal advise. Whether you need to review/draft a new agreement or simply understand the laws around employment prior to hiring that new member to your team, your friends at BriteSpace Offices with their onsite paralegal team will be there to lend a helping hand.

All BriteSpace Offices members are provided with access to paralegal services at a discounted rate.  Our in house paralegal will be made available to all members for various legal services. If you need documents notarized or quick legal advise then as a BriteSpace member you have in house access to at your fingertips!

Call now to learn more on how BriteSpace Offices can cater a paralegal service package to your business needs at the fraction of the cost.


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