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At BriteSpace offices we aren’t looking to simply provide office spaces, we want to provide a community of like minded individuals and an infrastructure that supports all of your business needs.

Marketing and building a brand for your business is one of the single most important drivers to success. Especially in todays world of social media, the art of marketing and branding has been taken to new and creative heights that has allowed business to propel with ultimate success when done right. One popular media tool that not only drives brand awareness but also helps to build a following and help you interact with current and prospective clients are podcasts. This is why BriteSpace has an in-house podcast studio so that again, you have what you need all in one place to help your business flourish.

Whether you’re an influencer looking for a professional place to record your podcast or an entrepreneur looking to step up your marketing game, we’ve got you covered. Our in house podcast room is equipped with a green screen and high end recording equipment for all of your audio and video recording needs. BriteSpace Offices also offers professional video recording and editing services if required by our members.

Podcast Stories

Boardroom/Podcast Room

We also want to market that we are offering one free hour of boardroom/podcast room time for every hour someone signs up for. Buy one hour recieve one hour for free. 
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