How the Pandemic Improved the Office Space Market For Buyers

How the Pandemic Improved the Office Space Market For Buyers

COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways from how we do business to how we travel and interact with the world. It has had a major impact on the office space market.

The rise of the pandemic has forever shifted how we will move forward interacting and using office space, which has ultimately resulted in an improved market.

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Here are a few ways in which the office space market has positively shifted.

More Options Available

Many companies have shifted to working remotely during the pandemic. While some companies have returned to office life, many companies have decided to permanently keep their company remote or have a limited office presence, reducing the need for large office spaces.

This trend is amazing for brands and professionals in need of offices as it increases the supply and lowers the demand – which puts downward pressure in price!

Because of this, office spaces like ours has seen a shift in increased demand due to our flexible offering, shared space, and no long-term commitments.

This gives your brand or business a lot more flexibility in finding the perfect office space that combines the best in location, quality, and cost.

If you have always wanted your business to have a home base in a larger city, this is the perfect opportunity. Office spaces are even offering move-in specials to fill up space.

Now is a great opportunity to take advantage of these specials before more companies move back to office life.

Increased Focus on Health and Wellness

Companies care about providing options for their employees when it relates to health and wellness, and the office space market has noticed this shift. Office spaces are alleviating workers’ fears by offering the highest standard in air filtration systems and providing durable surfaces that can easily be sterilized and cleaned. 

To meet shifting demand, office spaces are also shifting away from tight, compact, working spaces. Instead, many spaces have been reimagined to create open workspaces with lots of room to move around as needed.

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Touchless Digital Solutions

COVID-19 taught companies how important it is to reduce the number of germs spread in the office environment.

The office space market has responded by implementing multiple digital solutions such as voice-activated elevators, automated lights, robotic cleaning systems, and even cameras that can test your employee’s temperatures.

With our touchless keyless app, you can enter the office without having to use a key – allowing you to use your space with minimal touch points and thereby minimizing chances of getting sick.

Marketing & Podcasting Solutions

Being able to spread the word has become very important to brands.

At BriteSpace, our network and partnership allow you exclusive discounts to world-class marketing with Web Worx Labs Affordable SEO & Digital Marketing Solutions and a state-of-the-art podcasting studio for you to cater and reach your audience with the power of the internet.

Office spaces are now offering such niche offerings that give you the options to not only increase productivity but also exposure, providing the one-two combination necessary to scale your business.

On-Site Eateries

Instead of eating out, the trend is to find on-site dining options.

Many office spaces now offer food machines, access to free & premium coffee.

Given BriteSpae Offices central downtown Mississauga location, great options and local eateries can now deliver to your working area, so you don’t have to leave to get it.

This provides a safe way to buy food without the worry of contamination or even commute.

Wrapping Up…

These are just a few examples of the positive outcomes of the pandemic for the office space market.

Office Spaces are continuously rolling out new technology and modifying workplaces to provide the best in safety, space, and wellness. 

At BriteSpace Offices, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve in our solutions and offerings, allowing for our community to take advantage of unparallel service and office space needs – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Want to learn more about our offerings, call us at 416 722 7619 or email us directly at for more information and ways we can help.

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