Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?

Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about your dream job? Does that dream job involve you working for yourself and being your own boss? Maybe you find yourself hopping from job to job never finding the right fit and always feeling out of place. It is possible that the reason your are feeling this way is because you are meant to be an entrepreneur.

When it comes to personality there are a number of characteristics that successful entrepreneurs possess. Let’s take a look at the top 3, and while you’re reading try to reflect on whether or not these characteristics describe you.


Motivation is one of the primary characteristics that sets entrepreneurs apart from others. It is what turns a talker into a doer. In any career, motivation is needed in order to encourage advancement and growth, still without a ton of motivation it is possible to at least maintain a job or career. And for some this is okay and brings satisfaction. However, in order to successfully start and maintain a successful business that motivation needs to exceed that of the status quo or the business will fail. From the very beginning motivation is needed to leave a job or career and start a business, to devise a business plan, seek out mentorship and support and create a pathway for success. It is virtually impossible to maintain success as an entrepreneur if you aren’t motivated especially when there are bumps in the road; and there will be many!


It is not surprising that decisiveness is a characteristic entrepreneurs possess. After all, the decision to even take the risk of starting a business requires a significant level of decisiveness, along with, you guessed it, motivation. Starting a business requires a number of decisions to be made from, what the business will be, to what will it be called, to how it will be structured. If making decisions especially difficult ones topped with doing so within a timeline is difficult for you, then entrepreneurship may not be right for you. When you’re the owner of a business ultimately, you are the one making all of the decisions. Even when you hire others to make decisions about certain aspects of the business, if they hit a road block, or can’t come to an agreement they will come to you. The take away is that people make decisions everyday whether it be in their personal life or their work life. But running a business means making easy decisions and more importantly very difficult ones. Indecisiveness and poor decision making could easily lead to unrepairable damage to the success of any business.


Typically when an entrepreneur makes the decision to start a business they do not take a day by day approach to running their business. Instead these individuals are forward-thinkers, meaning by the time they have decided to start their business they not only have an idea but also a plan for where they expect their business to be long into the future. This way of thinking is not common to everyone. We are typically taught from high school onward to make short term goals, making plans for where we see ourselves in one year then 3 yrs , then 5 years and so on. But in doing this, it can sometimes be hard to focus on the big picture when the lens we are looking through is quite narrow. Successful entrepreneurs take a different approach and this is where forward thinking comes in. These individuals look at where they want to be 10 years from now and then work backwards, considering all the steps needed to get to that 10 year point. If you have no clue where you want to be there is no way to know what direction you need to take to get there.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of the personality traits behind an entrepreneur, did you find any of them or all of them relatable? If so entrepreneurship just might be the path for you!

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