Finding Balance As An Entrepreneur

Finding Balance As An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work. Especially in the early stages of business development using the word busy to describe one’s life is likely an understatement. Early mornings followed by late nights are often just a part of the routine. But, being a good entrepreneur does not mean that everything else in your life needs to be placed on the backburner. Instead, what it means is finding BALANCE. After all, a healthy social life outside of work is what will keep you energized and motivated to keep going. So, how can you achieve balance? Well, there are a few simple things that you can do to make the time you do have away from your work more meaningful.


When you are off, make sure that you are actually off. This means refraining from checking emails or taking calls. It is understandable that this may not always be possible to do in which case an easier option may be to screen what calls you do take. For instance, if an important deal is coming up only take calls or emails related to that. Otherwise, consider yourself unavailable. Another option is to set a cut-off time in the evening after which point you no longer take calls or check emails.

Find a Hobby

If you have something to look forward to outside of work, it will be that much easier to separate yourself from time to time. Take some time to think about the things you enjoy and then create a plan that allows it to fit into your lifestyle. It could be something as simple as doing a puzzle or word-search to something more daring such as ax throwing!

Schedule It!

You would never intentionally skip out on a meeting or appointment in your schedule, right? So why not treat your personal activities the same way you do your business in the sense that you fit it into your schedule the same way you would a meeting or another business-related appointment. That way you can ensure that you eliminate the excuse of not having time. Adhering to a set schedule will also make it easier to commit to activities outside of work as they will become part of your routine.

Rest When You Need

Many feel that being a good entrepreneur means working yourself into an early grave. But there are no rewards or trophies to be won for constantly pushing your body past its limits. In fact, it will probably do you more harm than good. Being tired or extremely exhausted means your brain is not as sharp, you are not on your “A” game. When this happens it can have a negative impact on how you run your business. There are studies that have shown that certain levels of sleep deprivation cause cognitive dysfunction like that of being drunk. So, ensure you are getting enough sleep or that when you are sleeping it is RESTFUL.

As the old saying goes “money doesn’t buy happiness.” Success brings satisfaction yes, but it is important to find time to enjoy that success with those that matter most, doing the things you enjoy the most!

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