The Ideal Entrepreneur Office

The Ideal Entrepreneur Office

What criteria should you look at when looking to understand or explore options for the ideal entrepreneur office?

In today’s blog, we get into 3 criteria that can help you narrow the right fit for your office needs as an entrepreneur.

Your work environment plays a critical role in not only job satisfaction but how you function. Think about it. If you went to an office every day that had dim lighting, slow music playing on the radio and was as warm as laying under your coziest blanket you’d probably spend more time drinking coffee to keep yourself awake than actually working. If you went to an office that was cold, had poor lighting and uncomfortable chairs, you may find your days dragging as you deal with the discomfort. Basically, you want an office that is going to make you feel good every time you enter it. One that is going to boost morale, motivation and productivity. So, what should you look for in an office to achieve these things?

Location, Location, Location!

Just like with any other form of real estate, there is prime office real estate and then there is the hole in the wall. What you don’t want, is the whole in the wall, which is usually windowless, has terrible lighting, and is uncomfortable and small. Instead, look for a space with good lighting, preferably with windows. Being able to see outside and absorb the sunlight on a nice sunny day has a way of naturally boosting mood, energy levels and therefore productivity. Even with a modest budget it is possible to find a space that is well lit or at least is in an area where you can head outside for a stroll or have lunch when taking a break. Also, aim for an office that is not too big and not too small. You don’t need to break the bank on an office large enough to fit a king bed, but you do want enough space to be able to move around if you need to take a break from sitting or to comfortable hold one or two other people if you have clients visiting.

Location also matters when it comes to your client base. It would be ideal for you to rent or purchase an office space that is easily accessible for your clients if they are coming to you. Everyone appreciates convenience and the quicker and easier it is to get to you, the better it is not only for your relationship with clients but also your bank account! Even if your business requires you to go to your clients the more central you are to them the better. Time is money and the less time you must spend on the road which also equals money on gas, the better.  


If you are renting an office space that is furnished it is important to ensure that it is comfortable. As an entrepreneur, it is expected that there will be long days and nights spent in the office. Therefore, the furniture you sit on is just as important as where your office is located. If you are responsible for your own furniture, opt for ergonomic pieces that can be adjusted based on your needs. Standing desks have become quite popular as they are mechanically equipped to adjust from a level appropriate for someone sitting to one standing when you need to stretch your legs and back.


At the end of the day, everything comes down to money. Part of running a successful business is sticking to a budget. Whatever office space you choose it is important to stay within your budget; breaking the bank on a space you cannot afford will only cause your business to suffer. Make a list of deal-breakers as it pertains to your ideal location as well as things you are willing to forgo. This will not only help you stay within your desired price point but also get the best bang for your buck.  

Whether you are just starting out or well established, co-working spaces have been the go-to- choice for entrepreneurs from various sectors. Offering a variety of office sizes to suit individual business needs and a community environment where networking is made easy, co-working spaces are the ultimate office haven for entrepreneurs. Head over to our homepage for office availability or give us a call to book a tour of our facility!

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