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Entrepreneurship comes with many challenges, the most common of them being finances. As the economy fluctuates in response to the effects of Covid-19, many business large and small have had to make cut-backs in order to stay afloat. Unfortunately, some have had to suspend operations altogether, unable to retain enough funds to ride the storm. Cut-backs can mean different things depending on the business, being anything from taking away paid benefits, to layoffs, to downsizing offices. Real estate is a significant added cost to running a business. Decreasing your office space can benefit your businesses financial stability in a substantial way. At BriteSpace offices, in addition to our Virtual and Private Executive Offices we offer Dedicated desks. In comparison to the Private Executive office, this option is cost effective and still offers some privacy but without the four walls. Dedicated desks come equipped with drawers that can be locked so that our members have comfort in knowing that any documents or other personal items left behind are secure. For individuals that prefer some privacy but still enjoy being in a communal work environment, then dedicated desks are ideal. Our dedicated desks are located in the common area of our facility allowing these members to freely interact with other members…at a distance of course. If you have a client coming in you can bring them to your desk or take advantage of your members discount and book a boardroom.

It is understandable for members working in the common areas to be concerned about social distancing protocols. However, you can be assured that desks and seating have been arranged with our members safety in mind and to adhere to Public health protocols. We have also placed plexiglass partitions between desks for your added safety and protection. For more information on how. we are doing our part to slow the spread of Covid-19, check out our blog “The BriteSpace Response to Covid-19”

Dedicated desks are only used by the members they have been assigned to, allowing you to come in and work when it’s convenient for you. So head over to our homepage for more details about becoming a member. There’s a desk waiting with your name on it!

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