BriteSpace: Behind the Scenes Look

BriteSpace: Behind the Scenes Look

I sat down with the owners of BriteSpace offices to get a deeper understanding of the players behind the innovative new business coming to Mississauga, Ontario. Here is what they had to share!

M: Who are the creative geniuses behind BriteSpace Offices? 

B: I’m Bilal El-Sheikh Ali. I have a background in real estate and aviation

D: I’m Dale Taylor and I have a background in aviation, I also run a small aviation staffing agency.

M: So I’m assuming aviation is how you two met?

D: Yes, we actually worked for the same airline back when we were both at the beginning of our careers…about 10 years ago now.

M: Oh wow that’s a long time! So what made you guys decide to join forces on this venture?

D: Honestly timing just never seemed to be right. We were both pursuing other goals both personal and in our careers. But it worked out because that put us in a better position to be able to take this new venture head on and put our all into it. Nothing happens before it’s time.

M: What made you decide to enter the world of entrepreneurship?

B: I have always welcomed new challenges and opportunity. As an entrepreneur you have to be open minded and willing to try new ideas. Of course the risk is always there but without risk there would be no reward. I have always thought that there is no greater feeling than to be able to take your dreams and make them a reality but now I realize that the real reward is being able to help others accomplish their dreams as well.

M: What helped you settle on the type of business you wanted to start? 

B: It’s not a secret that the demand for office space is at an all time high. More and more millennials want to pursue their dreams of having their own start-up business or an office that they can call their own. As commercial real estate lease prices soar through the roof in the GTA, we were determined in providing these hard working and motivated individuals with affordable office space without the loss of luxury and style.

M: Tell us a bit about what your business is and what your offer?

B: Our business is not only a modern and sleek space with state of the art technology for entrepreneurs to work out of. We provide a community like feel. As a member you are able to meet other motivated and like minded individuals. We provide a place where individuals can network, meet new clients and create opportunity. BriteSpace Offices is a hub that can help your business grow to the next level and you will not be doing it on your own because we will be there along the way to assist you in any way possible.

M: You don’t have to give away all your secrets…but can you speak on some of the community resources you found useful in helping you meet your goals as new entrepreneurs?

B: Having a career in real estate, we have the knowledge of how important space and time are. Having a background in aviation we see first hand how quickly people are moving. The world is moving at a rapid pace and people desire convenience now more than ever. Networking and experience have assisted us in the development in BriteSpace Offices.

D: Networking events are also very helpful especially when first starting out. The region of Peel has various seminars and workshops for new small business owners that provide invaluable tips and information on how to start, run and grow a business.

M: Millennials have proven themselves to be a generation of go-getters and innovators much like yourselves. What advice do you have for those that are considering starting their own business? 

B: Research, research and more research, but above all dedication! Know your business, your clients, your product and your competition. Invest a lot of time in researching your market. Study every possible venture that is providing the same services as your business model and see what they are doing right but also what they are doing wrong and how can you be better. Now dedication, this in my opinion is what separates a mediocre business and a successful enterprise. You can have all of the research in the world but if you are not 110% dedicated to your vision then the results will not be in your favour.

M: Have there been any obstacles you’ve experienced so far and how do you manage when the unforeseen occurs? 

B: There are always challenges, sometimes big and sometimes small. The key to facing them head on is patience. The same challenges faced thus far, are the same ones that we hope to help our members with and that is scheduling and coordinating people and time. Working alone has its perks. Having the space to do it is even better. Having to bring everyone together to accomplish a task, in order to develop BriteSpace Offices was difficult at times but we understand that, which is why we also provide members with state of the art technology boardrooms to meet small or large groups if required.

M:Where do you see the future of BriteSpace offices headed? 

B: We see BriteSpace as being nation wide and possibly world wide within the next few years. We want BriteSpace to be the first co-working centre entrepreneurs think of when seeking out new office space. But most of all, we see BriteSpace being recognized in the future by major entrepreneurs and businesses as being the hub that started their success story.

M:What do you think will set you apart from your competitors? 

B: We do not wish to be simply a leasing company like many of the already existing co-working spaces out there. At BriteSpace we provide some of the most elegant and modern offices available but our main focus is the success of our members. We at BriteSpace Offices will assist our members along the way from helping them manage their busy schedule by providing secretarial services to helping them meet the right individuals at our quarterly networking events. BriteSpace Offices coordinates in-house events with guest speakers such as life coaches, bankers, successful entrepreneurs, local artist and many more. We also provide the opportunity for our members to volunteer and be the guest speakers to introduce their business to our community. BriteSpace also provides a monthly newsletter that allows our members to advertise their business. At BriteSpace Offices we are dedicated in helping your business grow.

M: How can prospective clients stay engaged and up-to-date with progress and especially the grand opening? 

B: We encourage everyone to follow us on social media and subscribe to our monthly newsletters for construction status and updates. Feel free to reach out to us by phone, email or website to hear all about our incentives and discounts for early membership registration.

M: What can we expect to see/experience at the grand opening? 

B: We hope you can join us for some drinks and hors d’oeuvres at our ribbon cutting ceremony and have a chance to check out the new facility. There will be music and photography. So come join us for a friendly meet and greet and have a quick tour of the first BriteSpace Offices. We know you’re gonna fall in love!

Well, there you have it, BriteSpace Offices at a glance. With the number of small business in Ontario steadily increasing, BriteSpace Offices will surely been an asset to the community of Mississauga not only as a business but as a business supporting other businesses . We look forward to their grand opening and catching up with them then as they debut their new space to the City of Mississauga!

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